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We live in Montana and love the great outdoors. My husband and I have four beautiful little sprouts and they are growing like weeds! We grow a big garden to feed our family and then we preserve the rest by canning it so the food will last through the winter. I have always loved learning about plants and all their medicinal properties and how they heal and nourish the body. Growing your own organic garden is the best way to feed your family. You don’t have to worry about the harmful chemicals that are in other foods. Eating fresh, organic foods from your own garden will help you stay healthy and strong!


I have loved gardening ever since I was a little girl.  I enjoy eating fresh organic food right out my back door.  I long for the taste of sweet, mouth watering raspberries, crisp, energetic carrots, juicy, ripe tomatoes, and crunchy, fresh peas.  Garden food is so vibrant and full of life.   Oh, how I love growing a garden!   The only thing I dislike about growing a garden is the endless task of weeding during the hot summer months. I would much rather be spending time in the mountains with my family or vacationing away from home.  I am partial to my short summer months and I want to get the most pleasure out of them that I can.  When I do this, my garden becomes overrun with weeds and it takes me hours and sometimes days to recover to get the weeds back under control


My husband realized my love for gardening, but my dislike for weeding.  He was determined to come up with a solution.  We tried various methods such as black plastic, newspaper, and weed barrier.   First, the plastic didn’t allow the water to go through and the water puddle up on the tarp. When we removed the plastic it was moldy and it stunk underneath.  Next, we used newspaper, but that didn’t work so well.  Finally, we tried the weed barrier and it ripped and blew all over because it was too thin and not strong enough to hold down in the wind.  Then my husband found this amazing fabric that solved all of my weed problems.  His brilliant plan worked! 

before after

In 2005, my husband came up with the first Amazing Weedless Garden that made my life so much easier.  We had a 30’ x 80’ garden and he pre-cut rows in the fabric so that only my plants would come up and the rest of the fabric kept the weeds out.  He designed it in a way to hold its strength.  I was truly amazed how well it worked!  Even when we came home from our week long summer vacations, there were only a few little weeds between the small plants, in the planting rows, which were very minimal to take care of.  Finally, we could enjoy our summers again and benefit from all our fresh, organic home grown food.  The weeding was cut down so drastically that we decided to increase the size of our garden to 80’ x 80’.

2010 garden
2010 garden

We realized how the Amazing Weedless Garden helped the plants grow better because the black fabric helped increase the soil temperature.  In Montana, this is so beneficial to the plants because our growing season is so short.  We have also had reports of the same benefits and success in warmer climates such as in southern Texas.  The fabric also holds in the moisture so we didn’t have to water as much and the wind wasn’t able to dry out the soil.  The Amazing Weedless Garden has numerous benefits and I am so grateful that my husband found this fabric and came up with this incredible way to combat the weeds.  After many compliments from our friends and family, we came up with a way to provide it to others so they could benefit from this amazing product as well.  Now many people are gardening with effortless ease with their new Amazing Weedless Garden.  Thank you for all your interest and support!