"I first was introduced to the Weedless Garden this past spring when they brought their product into our nursery. I was very intrigued, anything to cut down on weeding the garden sounds like a dream come true, and this concept was so simple! My husband and I had them cut us a custom fit one for our garden. I got it all laid out, planted seeds and waited to see what would happen. I loved the results, especially the ones I was not expecting. It definitely helped to keep the weeds down, I just had to weed in the plant row which saved so much time, but it also helped heat up the garden due to the black fabric which helped the little plants grow better and one of my favorite unexpected results is that it kept my kids from turning into little mud balls when they "helped out" in the garden! I love this product! It was easy to get rolled up for next year and I am looking forward to using it again next year!" - Jessica MacDonald, Wagner Nursery

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"I took out a heavily grass infested iris bed in 2009 and the fabric made it possible for a replacement vegetable garden. I grew tomatoes, lettuce, bush and pole beans, peas, dill, artichokes, brussel sprouts, eggplant and peppers without competition from grass or weeds." - Margret, Southeast Bozeman Garden.

"After many seasons of sending countless hours of weeding our garden we ordered two fabric mats from Amazing Weedless Garden. One fabric mat was used for strawberries. We have had strawberries in the past, but the weeds and grass overran them. So we tilled over what was left of the strawberry patch and replanted with the fabric mat. Very little weeding was needed in the patch this year and the strawberry plants really established themselves. The other larger mat, 15 x 25 feet, was used for the main garden. Again we cut our weeding time by at least half or more. We had the best tomatoes and carrots this year in spite of the cold June. The black fabric mat seems to keep the ground warmer, which is especially helpful in our high altitude Zone 4 climate. Thank you Amazing Weedless Garden for such a great idea." (continued below)

"I continue to be Amazed at your Amazing Weedless Garden. After the snow melted I went out to check my garden and to my amazement I could not find a single weed. Your product works, it's just amazing. Also my strawberries are already greened up. Keep up the good work, I hope you sell a lot of product this year."- John and Alicia, Belgrade MT

Testimonial Pocatello

"Last summer I received a Weedless Garden from my children in Montana for Mothers Day! I wanted to give it the true test of time with the never ending weeds that I usually cannot keep up with in my garden. It had been a while since I had planted a garden, due to moving to the SLC area and not having the space to plant. This year I was excited to try this "new" product and save myself some time during the summer month. Not only was it easy to lay out, and install, but it made the planting a breeze. It was fun to see the little plants coming up through the pre-cut holes in the fabric, and not the WEEDS! This was such an overall improvement in the gardening, watering and harvesting process of some of the best produce that I have had in a long time. I am grateful to have the fabric again this year to recycle and use again and again. I appreciate this product and would highly recommend it to anyone that would like to save time and energy and spend more of your summer months doing things with your family or things you would like to do." - Rhonda, Pocatello ID

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"I was seriously considering abandoning the garden project until I used the fabric. But I enjoy gardening and especially the fresh veggies. As I get older the weeds become more determined to stay. The fabric kept the weeds manageable and I enjoyed my garden again. The crops did well, and one bonus we discovered was no slugs to eat the tomatoes. They apparently didn't like the feel of the fabric!!! That really helped. I tell people about how nice it is not worry about weeds and grass making my life miserable. And I will keep on with my wonderful hobby." - Myrna, Aberdeen ID

testimonial Texas

"I live in Texas and have used my fabric for the past 3 years. It has done a great job keeping out the weeds, but it has many other great benefits as well. In the dead heat of a Texas summer, the fabric helps the soil in my garden to retain it's moisture much longer; allowing me to conserve water. I love how neat and organized my rows stay! But most of all, I love that my two girls enjoy waking up in the morning and running out to the garden barefoot. That's not something you get to do much in Texas, especially in a garden. After checking out all the veggies, they come in with clean feet and no complaints about bugs or thorns. I definitely recommend The Amazing Weedless Garden to anyone looking to keep out weeds - whether for a garden or a flower bed, it allows you the freedom to enjoy gardening without taking up all of your time pulling weeds. " - Tracy, Texas

"We really love having the fabric on our garden. I feel like it saves me so much time. I've probably spent only 4 hours weeding in my garden this whole summer. The plants grow really well too. Everyone that has seen our garden, can't believe how nice the plants look. They are huge and healthy and produce very well. I am so glad that you told us about the fabric. This is our second year of having it on our garden and it still looks good. Thanks for the great product." - Penny, Idaho

testimonial Montana
"I just thought I would let you know the 2 garden mats I purchased last year worked great for me so I just purchased 1 more. I am forwarding a picture of last years garden. Thanks for your product. - Fern Kaiser Geyser, MT