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The Amazing Weedless Garden is a long lasting, worthwhile investment for all you garden lovers.  It truly is the perfect gardening solution!  Gardening has never been so easy!  It is a marvelous weed stopper, which saves you so much time.  It is durable and reusable, which saves you so much money.  It has so many benefits to help your plants grow by increasing the soil temperature, holding in the moisture, preventing soil erosion, and not using harmful chemicals.  Enjoy eating your fresh fruits and vegetables without spending so much time weeding.  Now you can have fun during those hot summer months doing the things you love, instead of pulling those never ending weeds!  Thank you for your interest in the Amazing Weedless Garden and we hope you enjoy this new garden solution.

What is the Amazing Weedless Garden?

The Amazing Weedless Garden is the perfect gardening solution for combating the weeds.  It is a thick, durable special fabric which is pre-cut into planting areas allowing effortless ease for sowing your seeds and seedlings.  This unique type of fabric covers all of the area between your plants which eliminate the weeds from growing.  Now your plants can spontaneously grow without all their competition… THE WEEDS!

What is the fabric made out of?

The fabric is made out of a polymer material which is resistant to ultraviolet degradation and to biological and chemical environments normally found in the soil.  It is much thicker and more durable compared to weed mats and other fabrics found in Big Box and Garden Stores.  This material is definitely worth the investment because it is engineered and built to last!  The Amazing Weedless Garden fabric has many other benefits as well, like making your garden look very clean and organized.  The rows are designed close together which helps you to grow more produce while utilizing as much space as possible.  The fabric feels similar to a soft, felt fabric which is nice to walk on with your bare feet while not having to worry about stepping on spiny weeds or thistles.  It is also beneficial to stay out of the dirt and mud.  No more tracking the soil through your nice clean house anymore!  You and your family can enjoy your fresh fruits and vegetables without all the mess.  

Other brand of fabric
Weak and Thin

arrow Fabric1

Amazing Weedless Garden Fabric
Thick, Durable, and Reusable


old fabric New fabric

Other brands of fabric
Transparent fabric which allows sunlight
to go through so the weeds will grow.

Amazing Weedless Garden Fabric
  Thick, black fabric blocking out the sunlight not allowing weeds to grow.


Does it allow the water to go through the fabric?

The fabric is water permeable so the water can easily flow to the plants.  It allows water to go through the fabric at 120 gallons per minute.  It also holds in the moisture allowing less evaporation to take place.  This is very helpful because the wind dries out the soil so quickly.  This fabric also stabilizes the soil and helps control soil erosion.

Is it easy to install?

Yes, it is so easy!  All you need to do is prepare your soil.  First, mulch or fertilize your garden area; Second, rototil or mix the fertilizer in the soil; Third, level the soil flat.  After the soil is ready, stake down your fabric with the anchoring pins provided.  Plant your seeds or seedlings in the pre-cut rows.  Then water and wait for the abundance!

How does it help your plants grow more quickly and abundantly?

The Amazing Weedless Garden fabric increases the soil temperature because it is black in color which attracts the warmth from the sunlight.  The plants absorb this heat from the soil which is very beneficial for producing strong and healthy plants.  Since the soil temperature increases, this benefits your plants to have a much longer growing season.  This is especially valuable in areas that are higher in altitude and have shorter growing seasons.

Is the Amazing Weedless Garden reusable?

The Amazing Weedless Garden is durable and reusable for 5+ years.  This will help you save a lot of money by reaping the benefits year after year.  The fabric is recommended to be pulled up after the season is over.  Spray off the excess dirt and plant material and then allow it to dry out completely.  Fold the fabric up and store in a dry area until the next the season.

Do you use chemicals to kill the weeds?

No, it is an incredible weed stopper alone!  No more using harmful sprays or chemicals to kill the weeds.  This Amazing Weedless Garden fabric can help you organically keep the weeds out.  It bakes the weeds underneath the fabric which kills them with the heat and the lack of sunlight.  Another great advantage it has is it keeps unwanted seeds from blowing into your garden and taking root.  Therefore, you only grow what you want to grow!


Step #1 Prepare the soil with a rototiller and add your choice of mulch, compost, and/or fertilizer.

Step #2 Level the soil flat and lay down the Amazing Weedless Garden Fabric. Organize your rows to best suit your plants and their sun requirements.

Step#3  Install anchoring pins 1 inch from the outside edge of the fabric and space them every 2 feet. (You may need something sharp to help puncture the anchoring pins through the thick fabric. Make sure the hole is minimal so just the anchoring pin will fit tightly)

Step#4  Loosen the soil in the planting areas and sow seeds as directed on your seed packets or plant your seedlings according to the directions.

helpful hints

Mulch on top ~  Not recommended, the black fabric needs to attract the sunlight so the heat can kill the weeds underneath.

Frost ~ Organize the plants close together that need protection from the frost, so it is easier to cover them.

Winterize ~ Spray off the fabric and allow to dry out completely. Fold and store in a dry place.

In the Spring ~ Dampen the fabric with water to allow the fabric to stretch. This will make the installation easier.

Note: Fabric will stretch 1 to 3 inches when installing, so plan your garden size accordingly.